“You will fall in love with Delilah Dunnfield. A lot of times I see a book that sparks an interest but since I have never heard of the author’s work I just pass it by. But on a rare occasion I throw caution to the wind and buy the book anyway in hopes I will enjoy it. It is on those rare occasions that thrill me beyond belief when I find a hidden jewel. This book is that jewel. By the end of chapter one you already feel as if you know Delilah and at times have even been her. You understand her thoughts and feelings and by the end of the book you find yourself wanting to be her best friend.” K. DeLoach

book      Could not put this book down!!! I was laughing so hard through most if it, that a fellow employee was tempted to read it… Can’t wait for the sequel!!!!” E. Clayton

“This book is laugh-out-loud funny! Victoria’s writing style is clever and witty and fun. This book is hard to put down, you just want to be sure everything turns out all right. I can hardly wait for the sequel!” K. Grier

“Every girl/woman will be able to relate to the ‘dating dilemmas’ written about in this delightful book. I laughed out loud as I followed ‘Delilah’s’ journey, and could not put the book down until I had finished it. It will leave you wanting more Delilah!” P. Clift