Love in the Time of COVID: The Love America Tour

I follow TV and film actor, Corin Nemec, on Twitter (@imcorinnemec) and at the very beginning of this pandemic (which seems like a year ago), he posted Tweets keeping us all informed about the COVID19 statistics, origins, and destinations. He referred to it as COVID1984 (a reference to George Orwell’s novel 1984), which seemed appropriate. At first he tried to give everyone hope and keep things positive and informative. But as weeks turned into months with no end of this thing in sight, Corin (like a lot of us) seemed to go down in a tailspin. Then in June there was an updraft and he found his wings. He now seems to be a master chef of the old adage, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.”

While the main stream media was setting the stage for riots, hate crimes, and a political race for the White House seemingly dragged straight out of hell… Corin and his team set out to find the real America. They called it the Love America Tour. Corin set up a GoFundMe to raise money for the adventure and by July 1st everything was in place. He and two team members, a DJ- Chad Kimsey and a musician- Scott Deee (Doyle), set out in an RV, affectionately called the Red Baroness, for a road trip like no other.

Their mission was to interview real everyday people on the highways and byways of America, to prove that America is not dead. We are not the haters main stream media has been portraying. We are LOVE at our core. We are hard-working people with dreams, who overcome obstacles to reach them. We have all experienced pain. We have all experienced happiness. We are silly and we are brave. We all want to see a better tomorrow for future generations.

The Dukes of the Red Baroness (as they have dubbed themselves) left Houston, Texas and traveled through Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi, stopping in different towns along the way to meet face to face with some of Corin’s Twitter friends, local leaders, fellow actors, and family.

I met Corin in Nashville, Tn. He was extremely down to Earth, super nice, and respectful. I hate interviews. I see them as tests that I can only hope I will pass. But he put me at ease right away and I soon forgot about the camera and just had a wonderful conversation with a wonderful person. My interview is here.

I want to encourage everyone who takes the time to read this blog, if you have not already joined the behind the scenes support team for the Love America Tour, look into it and consider donating or meeting him for an interview when he comes through your area, or just go meet him and the team and hang out with them.

They are heading back to Houston for a bit to rest and regroup. If the funding and sponsorships grow, they will be heading back out in August traveling to Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia and however far the journey takes them. They are respectful of the COVID precautions and wear masks when necessary.

The year 2020, while unpredictable and somewhat scary, is a time for shift. Think of it this way, if you are driving in a car and you find out you are heading in the wrong direction, you have to slow down, stop and then turn around. That is all that is happening. The world has slowed down to get back on track. LOVE is the way. LOVE is the destination. LOVE is what brings people together. LOVE: giving, sharing, showing, feeling… it is the thesis behind the Love America Tour.

I wanted to share one of Corin’s tweets because he says it better than I can, afterall it is his dream-child.

You can go to CORINNEMECTV to watch all of the interviews. They are still uploading some.

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