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Followup to Braces

I was told it would take eighteen months from start to finish for my braces to straighten my teeth. Imagine my surprise when it was only seven months! It was a strict regimen of brushing my teeth and flossing every time I ate. I could not leave the Invisaline trays off for longer than a combined two hours in a day. I worked hard to keep up with it. I got my braces January 9th and was told my treatment was complete on July 28th. The orthodontist was surprised at how fast it went for me. He also said, not everyone follows the treatment plan and it makes their treatment longer. He was impressed that I followed the guidelines. I am so happy that I did!

I now have a wire retainer behind my upper and lower front teeth and I still wear an Invisaline retainer at night while I sleep. I hate these parts, but I worked so hard and waited so long to straighten my teeth, that I am very thankful. They gave me a small bottle of champagne to celebrate. So CHEERS to Scenic City Orthodontics and my straight teeth!

Before my braces.
After Invisaline braces.