Hello, I’m Victoria. IMG_0354  (and yes, “people like me”) 😉

I’m an artist and a writer. I paint landscapes, birds, and flowers. (Don’t even ask me to paint people. It just doesn’t happen.) I am not very good with technology, but I continue to try and learn. So in preparation for my blog tomorrow which is a part of the indieBRAG Christmas Blog Hop, I am going to write a hodgepodge of things today.

First I’d like to learn how to set up a link behind someone’s name. So I am going to send you to my good friend and fellow IndieBRAG medallion recipient, Elizabeth Byler Younts.  I think I did it! (After a few tries of looking at options on the left, I looked over to the right and saw the Text tab and Add link.)

Almost all artists procrastinate, but I have been very busy the past few weeks, helping friends out with house/dog sitting (which I have retired from) and painting a few ornaments for Christmas presents. (More on that in another blog.) I have not had time to spend on my website until now. Below are a couple of pictures of what I did over the weekend.

woodpecker                  Bob's 2

I have not had a Christmas tree up for over a decade. So this year, I decided I needed a little Christmas (you know, “right this very minute”). I took a day off from work and spent a three-day weekend decorating a corner of my apartment.

Tree 1   Tree 2   Tree 3

I think I may know the basics now. I will have to look up a few how-tos before tomorrow. Thanks for coming along on the learning train with me. 🙂

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